Our bullion investment ( gold trading) platform that offers ten percent (10%) monthly return on investment (ROI) has produced an unblemished 100% records since its inception last year; being exceedingly successful, offering individuals a sure alternative source of income amidst this current global economic ills. Customers leave our premises always satisfied and very delighted with the excellent customer services offered and the ten percent (10%) dividend they receive.

With a well dedicated Board of Directors, formulating strategies and policies for the smooth administration of the business by our very innovative and competent management team, 24 CARAT GOLD COAST is standing very tall, giving other financial banks tough competition, forcing several to put the customers in the heart of their operations, offering them more value than the case was before. We are also very socially responsible, as we deem the company a mission haven been privileged by the opportunity presented to us by the populace to render them our products and services; we believe that privilege makes us a business.

In this regard, we have successfully executed social interventions programs such as; Poverty alleviation funds as seed capital to number of customers, educational scholarships and so on as evident on our media


  • 12-14 off lake side estate , east Legon , Accra Ghana .
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